Real-Time Social Analytics Platform

What Are You Missing ?

The ability to know first, to hear both good and bad news, and be proactive - represents true power to take control of your brand. Act first before your competition does, and close the loop for consistent growth. Vinci360° - our all-round customer engagement solution, powers you with insights that enable you move from being reactive to proactive with your customers and key markets.

See The Whole Social Media Picture in Real-Time

Get reliable insights can help you move from being reactive to proactive with your business decision-making. Extract and amplify subjective & meaningful information present across large chunks of social media posts, text, media, and messaging, to reveal what consumers like, don’t like, need, prefer, want, and expect.

Vinci360° equips you with 4-pronged approach towards effective customer engagement.

  • Social Listening & Analysis
  • Customer Value Assessment
  • Customer Categorization & Profiling
  • Real-time, Custom-Intel (for field staff)

Social Listening & Analysis

Influence purchase decisions, retain loyalty, and win new customers through social listening and analysis. Get insights into what your customers are saying as well as experiences, requirements, expectations, feedback, recommendations, suggestions, etc. on various social media networking sites.

  • Monitor social activity of existing / target customers
    1. Identify opportunity / scope / dissent
  • Analyze voice of customers
    1. Get alerts & notifications mechanisms
  • Analysis of customer complaints and grievances
  • Gauge customer opinion & sentiments
    1. Gain valuable insights
  • Build and preserve brand image
    1. Find key influencers
  • Measure impact of marketing campaigns
  • Be part of existing conversations
  • Analyze customer purchase pattern
  • Competitor analysis & customer trends
  • Stay updated with the latest happenings
  • Identify selling opportunities, prospects, and even suspect behavior
  • Check authority and reputation of users
    1. Understand and account for their opinions
Compare Analysis

Customer Value Assessment

Get the intelligence to assess customer value in terms of current as well as future contribution of your customer(s) to your financials.
  • Customer-wise realization reports
  • Identify grey areas
  • Analyze customer behavior
    1. Spend, choices, frequency, etc.
  • Channelize resources optimally
  • Personalize - make suitable offers
    1. Products, services, etc.

Highlights of Vinci360°

A SaaS-based app in the cloud, Vinci360° does not require any software installation in your environment.

Perfect complement for blending into predictive analytics engines and machine learning, leveraging SAP Leonardo on HANA in the cloud.

Includes a run-time engine of HCube to make it easy to flow data, and find context between applications like inside SAP Leonardo and SAP Hybris.

Customer Categorization & Profiling

Know your customers, profile and categorize them, predict their purchase / buying activity, and personalize your offerings accordingly.

  • Categorize your customers & targets
    1. Basis their purchase / search history, demography, social media activity, and interaction
  • Develop memorable customer experiences
  • Gain customers’ faith & sustain relationships
  • Predict customer buying propensity
  • Segment / categorize specific sales
  • Shorten sales cycle duration
    1. From information to action
  • Manage market offerings
  • Deliver superior value & get equitable returns
  • Improved customer satisfaction
Quick Start Integration

  • Leverage the real-time insights from VINCI360° into your overall marketing and predictive analytics strategy
  • Identify opportunities earlier and update your brand strategy
  • Measure the impact of marketing spend
  • Get ‘Early Warning’ of negative feedback from events, advertising, and news affecting your customers and markets
  • Close the Loop with proactive posting back into key social moments
  • Integrate for optimal views into customers for planning & roll-out

Real-time, Custom-Intel (For field Staff)

Right insights for your personnel, at the right time!
  • Share / exchange information with field-employees, in real-time
  • Generate a comprehensive list of value elements
    1. For each customer
  • Provide real-time decision-support
  • Make customers feel highly valued
  • Route optimization based on target locations
  • Custom-offerings on the spot
  • Define / profile new target customers
    1. Basis interaction information fed-back from field.
Geo Analysis

Know Right Now

  • Real-Time Social Analytics Platform
  • Engage, Listen & Respond to Customers
  • Monitor Your Competitors
  • Optimize Your Brand
  • Customer Data Across Social Touchpoints
  • Unlock Customer Experiences for Insights

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